Four Unforgettable Housewarming & New Baby Gift Ideas

Four unforgettable housewarming & new baby gift ideas

My husband and I have been hanging out with the same group of friends for 10 years. We all met when we were part of the Core Team at our church, and we’ve celebrated many new couples, engagements, weddings, and first-time mama baby showers ever since.

But those were the days of old now.

These days we typically celebrate birthdays, baptisms, first communions, new babies, and new homes.

When did we suddenly become so grown up?

With as many parties as we’ve had, I started thinking about unique and highly appreciated gifts for a young family moving into their first home or new home and for families celebrating a second, third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth(!) birth. Most of these ideas will require communication with the new homeowner or parents, but I guarantee these gifts will not go unappreciated.

Professional cleaning service

Need I say more? For pregnant mamas, this is a life-saver. It’s tough trying to avoid all the horrible fumes while maintaining a clean home (especially if the green cleaners cause nausea) and not spend time bending over.

For the new home buyer, it checks off an item on the move-in list. Who doesn’t want to move in to a fresh, clean home?

Stock the freezer

I’ve participated in Meal Trains but having a meal already in the freezer when things aren’t going as planned is darn convenient. I’m currently working on this housewarming gift for my brother and sister-in-law, but this is easily something you could gift when you find out your friend is pregnant and isn’t feeling like herself.

Here are some of my favorite meals that can be easily stored in the freezer:

Chicken Enchilada Casserole (“Stacked” Chicken Enchiladas) from Gimme Some Oven along with her recipe for Red Enchilada Sauce

Olive Garden Pasta e Fagioli from Damn Delicious

Freezer-Friendly Shepherd’s (Cottage) Pie from The Pioneer Woman

Pot Pie from The Pioneer Woman

New Home/New Baby Photo Shoot

When my daughter was born, we were fortunate enough to be in a hospital where they had a professional photographer offering newborn photo sessions in your hospital room. If she hadn’t come by, I can guarantee we would not have those photos today, because honestly, sometimes life events get lost in the rush of life. Offer a new homeowner or parent a photo session on you so they can live life and not be stuck behind the lens.

I mean, come on, we’ve all seen the new baby shoots…the ones with all the siblings…and the dog. Just…ah.

What about the new home shoots? Some of the photos I’ve seen on Pinterest are just plain adorable!

Professional Organizer

Moving is stressful, so why not take off some of the stress by hiring a Professional Organizer to help do a bit of packing or unpacking? Have the PO focus on the heart of the home, AKA the kitchen, so the family can focus on getting the kids settled. Plus, mom and dad won’t have to frantically search for the coffeemaker and mugs the next morning.

For new parents, a Professional Organizer could be useful in reorganizing a nursery, closet, or playroom to make room for the new baby…or a PO could be a big help for mama while she’s going through the nesting stage and feels the need to declutter and organize the WHOLE house. Her husband and doctor will thank you for hiring someone to keep her from doing the physical work, and mama will have peace of mind when she comes home from the hospital knowing that everything she needs is where it should be.

If you would like to provide a Professional Organizer session as a gift, please fill out the contact form.

Have you given a unique and useful housewarming or new baby gift? I’d love to hear about them! Please comment below!

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