If you could describe your dream home with one word, what would it be? Relaxed? Cool? Comfortable? Styled? Or just plain tidy?

I hear ya, busy mamas and hustling girl bosses.

Life is busy and unexpected, and sometimes home becomes…well, overrun with our stuff. And we have a lot of stuff. Our kids have WAY too much stuff! (Seriously, where does it all come from?)

Here’s what I believe:

  • Less is definitely more.

  • We can make life better by making the unavoidable tasks easier.

  • Our time is precious.

  • You can make changes. Big changes.

Are you on board? I can help you get your goals like the girl boss you are (I’m talking to you too, mama!)

Hey! I’m Jena Love. I live in Temecula, CA where I work a full-time job along with being a full-time mommy. I’m also the wife of one amazing Dr Love.

I love style and fashion, and my clothes are often well sought after during clothing swapsI am addicted to fruit snacks, currently the Annie’s Bunny Rabbits that are supposed to be for my toddler. Speaking of food, if you came over to my house for dinner, you would receive a good home cooked meal, and be encouraged to make yourself at home. I like to take my hospitality very seriously, much like in my favorite book series, Anne of Green Gables, which I have read 10 hundred times. Just thinking about the meals they have in those books makes me hungry…

Aside from that, I love singing with my toddler, and I’m trying to get back into playing my guitar…but it’s hard when you have so many other things to do.

Over a year ago I knew there was something more I should be doing. I prayed that God would show me what to do. Who knew He would send the answer on Pinterest one day when I saw the words “Professional Organizer.”

It was perfect… I mean, I was the kid that would go to other people’s houses and organize the toys. What better way to serve others than to help them in an area I know so many people, especially moms, struggle with.

I started learning about business and blogging and researching and experimenting with different decluttering methods.

My wardrobe was the first place I decluttered. Walking into my closet, I realized I loved every single thing I kept and it was easy to decide what to wear. I went on a rampage throughout different parts of the house.

A couple months after I started my business, we found out about several health factors contributing to why we can’t get pregnant again. 

That’s when things really started changing. The biggest change we had to make was how I cope with stress.

I made up my mind that it wasn’t worth it to stress about every little thing. Hasn’t God shown me time and time again that He’s got this?

Today I’m focusing on ways to make my life easier and stress free. I’ve realized that we don’t have to make things super complicated. We can make things easy so we can enjoy life and everything it throws at us.

Rooms Need Love’s mission is to empower women with skills to make life easier by simplifying possessions and everyday tasks.

Your stuff is only half of it. You won’t make lasting changes in your home unless you make big changes in your heart. The battle is in your mindset. I know, I lived it.

To help you in your journey I’ve created a free Resource Library that you can access when you subscribe below.

I’ll also send you exclusive organizing tips and challenges.

So, let’s get started! You have a coach and cheerleader here, so let’s do this!