Are you completely loving your home and everything in it?

Or are you going crazy because of all the stuff? The unending piles of laundry, the mountain of toys, the paper piles, and countless other things? There’s no end in sight!

You’ve seen the minimalism thing on social media, but you’re not convinced. You think, I just can’t do that. We have too much stuff. I’ll never convince my family to get rid of their stuff.

You are in the right place. It is possible. I can help you do it.

Hey, friend! I’m Jena Love. I’m the wife of an OD (Dr Love) and the mama of one adorable little girl. I live in Temecula, CA where I live it up as a work at home mom.

My idea of a fun Friday night is a trip to Costco to try not to buy things that aren’t on my list (like Haagen-Daz ice cream), then go home and organize the pantry (and eat 10 Haagen-Daz ice cream bars while I’m doing it).

Somewhere along the way in this busy life, I realized a call to serve other women using my God-given talent of organizing – and a blog and business was born!


Rooms Need Love Mission

Encouraging you to simplify your possessions and organize your life so you can focus on what really matters.

Why is it called Rooms Need Love?

I believe we should all be living with intention, without the stress of what to do with our possessions or worrying about what our neighbors have. The rooms in our homes should be filled with the things that help us to love the people we love.

About the Blog

On the blog you can find out about my family’s journey in simplifying our possessions in order to live with intention and with Jesus at the center of our lives. You can find ways to start simplifying your possessions and getting organized here.

About Rooms Need Love Organizing

If you’re looking for support in your organizing journey, you can find out more about the professional organizing services I offer here. I love to transform a space into something functional and beautiful, but the real reward is seeing the happiness on a client’s face when we change their lives. You can check out some of the projects I’ve worked on and what real clients are saying.

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