Start a Christmas Tradition That’s All About Giving

Start a Christmas Tradition that's all about Giving | Christmas | Christmas Traditions | Giving | Donating | Holiday Decluttering | Rooms Need Love

At this time of year there is a lot of focus on giving. There are many charities that stand outside the stores asking for donations, typically monetary donations. It can be easy to put monetary donations on the back-burner at Christmas since the budget always gets tight. The good news is you can give much needed items at this time of year without stretching your dollars. Do you realize you already possess several items that you can donate at Christmas?

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Start a new Christmas tradition of giving away your gently used items. It’s a wonderful way to get into the spirit of the season and to teach your children the true meaning of Christmas.


I like to think of A Muppet Christmas Carol (don’t judge…still one of my favorite Christmas movies). Don’t be the humbug Scrooge and keep all your perfectly good, unused stuff to yourself. Be the happy Scrooge at the end of the movie where he brings Christmas dinner to Kermit and Miss Piggy’s house. (Seriously, stop judging.)

An even stronger message is that Christ entered the world in poverty to teach us detachment from earthly things.

Do you need more reasons to donate after that?

Here are 3 more reasons:

1 | Giving away the items you aren’t using isn’t just good for your soul. It’s good for evaluating your spending and collecting habits and deciding what you want to do differently in the new year.

2 | Donating can give your family some physical breathing room to focus on the true meaning of the season.

3 | It can help your wallet at tax time.

Where should I donate?

Any charity will do, but do your research to make sure you agree with the morals and principles of the charitable organization. The charity I use the most is the Vietnam Veterans of America. You can easily schedule a pick up online. As a full-time working mom, the pick-up is key in order for me to make a donation. In fact, we just had several bags and boxes of our unused clothes and housewares picked up last week. It’s nice to finally have my office space back (our holding area for donations), and it’s good to know that those items will go to someone who needs them.


Start a Christmas Tradition that's all about Giving | Christmas | Christmas Traditions | Giving | Donating | Holiday Decluttering | Rooms Need Love

Here are 21 ideas of things can donate this Christmas:

1 | Clothing

Learn how to declutter your clothing with this post and how to declutter your kids’ clothing with this post.

2 | Shoes

3 | Accessories

4 | Coats

5 | Blankets

6 | Bedding

7 | Holiday decor

8 | Working electronics

9 | Books

10 | Small appliances

11 | Cookware, cooking utensils

12 | Dishes, glassware

13 | Non-perishable food

14 | Kitchen & dining linens

15 | Home decor

16 | Unopened cosmetics

17 | Small furniture, rugs

18 | Toys

19 | Sporting equipment

20 | Tools

21 | Your time

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4 thoughts on “Start a Christmas Tradition That’s All About Giving

  1. Shelly

    Thank you for sharing this. We have a ton of clothes and toys that we want to donate. However, I have not found anywhere to accept everything. Plus, the fact that they pick it up is AMAZING!!!


    1. Jena

      Pick up is definitely the best part. I’m surprised more organizations don’t offer pick up. I’m glad you found this helpful!


  2. Mary Hill

    Great tips. We try to give regularly. I enjoyed reading the article about donating clothing.


  3. Sarah | Dressed to Impreston

    I hope to teach my daughter that the Holiday season is about giving and not just receiving. I will use some of these ideas!


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